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OLRCB Agency Additional Staff Assignments

Every attorney in the office is expected to both negotiate and litigate. Because of the nature of labor relations where a matter that emanates from a change in terms of employment triggering impact and effects bargaining may lead to a demand for arbitration, attorneys are hiring with the expectation that they have the requisite skills to negotiate and litigate.  In addition, each attorney is required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) hours each year. Supervisory attorneys have additional mandatory management education requirements. All employees are required to complete ethics and LGBT training each year.

Find the Independent Agencies and Special Projects contacts for OLRCB:

Independent Agencies and Special Projects Personnel Contact
Support Staff
Mary Redfearn
Phyllis Kaiser-Dark
Kyle Simmons
Issac McLaughlin


(202) 724-4954
(202) 724-4776
(202) 724-7056
(202) 724-4953