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OLRCB Citywide Initiatives

More information on Research, Training and Citywide Initiatives:

Commuter Benefit:

First, the District committed to provide a $25 monthly commuter benefit/metro incentive to eligible employees who use Metro to commute to and from work. This program was implemented in October 2007, and to date, approximately 7,734 eligible bargaining unit employees take advantage of this benefit. The OLRCB continues to work with the Department of Human Resources, WMATA, agencies, employees and labor representatives to ensure that all eligible and interested employees are provided the opportunity to take advantage of this benefit.

The Negotiated Employee Assistance Home Purchase Program:

The parties jointly developed and implemented the Negotiated Employee Assistance Home Purchase Program (NEAHP). As a matter of information, in keeping with the District’s residency preference law, this provision required a Labor and Management Housing Committee (Housing Committee) to develop an affordable housing program to facilitate, educate, encourage and provide financial incentives to eligible employees to be used toward the purchase of a primary residence in the District of Columbia.  Financial assistance provided through NEAHP is in addition to that offered by the Department of Housing and Community Development and any other community and/or government organization. The Program is administered in partnership with the OLRCB, the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Greater Washington Urban League. Distribution of NEAHP funds to eligible employees began in the FY 2010.  

In Fiscal Year 2012, 112 applicants applied to the program, with 102 of those applications submitted by District employees living in the District at the time of application and 10 living in Maryland. Twenty (20) employees purchased homes in FY 2012 using NEAHP funds. A total of $150,000 was distributed with the average distribution being $7,500.00 and the maximum being $20,000. Of the 20 homes purchased in FY 2012, 14 were purchased in Ward 7; 2 in Ward 4; 2 in Ward 8 and 2 in Ward 5. A total of 58 homes have been purchased by DC government employees using NEAHP funds since inception of the program.

Classification and Compensation Reform:

Another citywide initiative is the Classification and Compensation Reform Project. In October 2009, the District launched the “Project Cornerstone,” the initiative to reform the District’s Compensation and Classification systems as required by law. The purpose of the project is to replace the District’s current classification system, which was created in 1949, with a completely new and modern system that supports the District’s strategic goal to recruit, manage and retain talented employees. The new system will be easy to administer, be flexible to accommodate changes in jobs and new classifications, and provide for a modernized pay system that reflects human resources best practices. In addition, the new system will (1) provide job clarity across agencies, (2) identify career paths that help employees’ careers progress within the District government (3) automatically create a seamless link to the existing PeopleSoft modules that administer recruitment and  performance management and (4) effectively administer overall workforce development and management.