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Performance Plans and Reports: Government Operations

We understand that the strength of an organization lies to a large extent in its internal operations. The principle guiding our work in internal operations is to more fully align support functions with the needs of our residents. Some of our initiatives build on previous work to streamline critical business processes in the internal service agencies. Other initiatives represent new efforts to modernize critical operations systems in internal service and line agencies. Still other initiatives represent exciting new services. All of our initiatives in this area are aligned with our policy priorities: schools, youth, jobs and housing.

Administrative Hearings, Office on (OAH)

Attorney General, Office of (OAG)

Auditor, Office of the DC (ODCA)

Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment Office of (OCTFME)

Campaign Finance, Office of (OCF)

Chief Technology Officer, Office of the (OCTO)

City Administrator, Office of the (OCA)

Community Affairs, Office of (OCAF)

Contract Appeals Board, DC (CAB)

Contracting and Procurement, Office of (OCP)

Disability Rights, Office of (ODR)

Elections, Board of (BOE)

Employee Appeals, Office of (OEA)

Ethics and Government Accountability, Board of (BEGA)

Executive Office of the Mayor (EOM)

General Services, Department of (DGS)

Human Resources, Department of (DCHR)

Human Rights, Office of (OHR)

Inspector General, Office of (OIG)

Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, Office of (OLRCB)

Open Government, Office of (OOG)

Operations and Infrastructure, Office of the Deputy Mayor for (DMOI)

Partnerships and Grant Services, Office of (OPGS)

People's Counsel, Office of (OPC)

Public Employee Relations Board (PERB)

Public Service Commission (PSC)

Real Estate Services, Department of (DRES) (now DGS)

Retirement Board, DC (DCRB)

Risk Management, Office of (ORM)

Secretary of the District of Columbia, Office of (OS)

Serve DC, The Mayor's Office on Volunteerism

Zoning, Office of (OZ)

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