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Performance Plans and Reports: Public Safety and Justice

Our citizens and the nation are entitled to a capital city that is both safe and secure. They must feel secure in their daily activities, and have confidence in the efficiency of emergency responders and in the District's plans for emergency action in the aftermath of catastrophic occurrences. During fiscal year 2024, public safety agencies will build on the progress seen in fiscal year 2023, through community policing and enhanced quality assurance, by increasing their capacity to serve and protect the public through the expansion of personnel, addition of new tools and technologies, and increased efforts to engage citizens in the District.

Administrative Hearings, Office on (OAH)

Chief Medical Examiner, Office of the (OCME)

Corrections Information, Council of (CIC)

Corrections, Department of (DOC)

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC)

Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, Office of (DMPSJ)

Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (FEMS)

Forensic Sciences, Department of (DFS)

Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA)

Human Rights, Office of (OHR)

Judicial Disabilities and Tenure, Commission on (CJDT)

Judicial Nomination Commission (JNC)

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)

National Guard, DC (DCNG)

Neighborhood Safety and Engagement, Office of (ONSE)

Police Complaints, Office of (DCPC)

Returning Citizen Affairs, Mayor's Office of (MORCA)

Sentencing and Criminal Code Revision Commission, DC (SCDC)

Unified Communications, Office of (OUC)

Victim Services and Justice Grants, Office of (OVSJG)

Youth and Rehabilitation Services, Department of (DYRS)

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