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Previous Performance Plans and Reports

Administrative Hearings, Office on (OAH)

Aging and Community Living, Department of (DACL) formerly DCOA

Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA)

Arts and Humanities, Commission on (CAH)

Asian Pacific Islander Affairs, Mayor's Office on (MOAPIA)

Attorney General, Office of (OAG)

Auditor, Office of the DC (ODCA)

Board of Real Property Assessments and Appeals (BRPAA)

Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment, Office of (OCTFME)

Campaign Finance, Office of (OCF)

Chief Medical Examiner, Office of the (OCME)

Chief Technology Officer, Office of the (OCTO)

Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA)

City Administrator, Office of the (OCA)

Community Affairs, Office of (OCAF)

Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Department of (DCRA)

Contract Appeals Board (CAB)

Contracting and Procurement, Office of (OCP)

Corrections, Department of (DOC)

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC)

Deputy Mayor for Education, Office of the (DME)

Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, Office of the (DMPED)

Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, Office of (DMPSJ)

Disability Rights, Office of (ODR)

Disability Services, Department of (DDS)

Elections, Board of (BOE)

Employee Appeals, Office of (OEA)

Employment Services, Department of (DOES)

Energy & Environment, Department of (DOEE)

Ethics and Government Accountability, Board of (BEGA)

Executive Office of the Mayor (EOM)

Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (FEMS)

Forensic Sciences, Department of (DFS)

General Services, Department of (DGS)

Health, DC (DC Health)

Health and Human Services, Office of the Deputy Mayor of (DMHHS)

Health Care Finance, Department of (DHCF)

Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA)

Housing and Community Development, Department of (DHCD)

Housing Finance Agency (DCHFA)

Human Resources, Department of (DCHR)

Human Rights, Office of (OHR)

Human Services, Department of (DHS)

Inspector General, Office of (OIG)

Insurance Securities and Banking, Department of (DISB)

Judicial Disabilities and Tenure, Commission on (CJDT)

Judicial Nomination Commission (JNC)

Justice Grants Administration (JGA) (Now OVSJG)

Latino Affairs, Office of (OLA)

Behavioral Health, Department of (DBH), formerly Department of Mental Health (DMH)

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)

Motion Picture and Television Development (MPTD) (Now OCTFME)

Motor Vehicles, Department of (DMV)

National Guard, DC (DCNG)

Parks and Recreation, Department of (DPR)

Partnerships and Grant Services, Office of (OPGS) 

People's Counsel, Office of the (OPC)

Planning, Office of (OP)

Police Complaints, Office of (DCPC)

Public Charter School Board, DC (PCSB)

Public Education Facilities Modernization, Office of (OPEFM) (now DGS)

Public Employee Relations Board (PERB)

Public Library, DC (DCPL)

Public Schools, DC (DCPS)

Public Service Commission (PSC)

Public Works, Department of the (DPW)

Real Estate Services, Department of (DRES)

Real Property Tax Appeal Commission (RPTAC)

Retirement Board, DC (DCRB)

Risk Management, Office of (ORM)

Secretary of the District of Columbia, Office of (OS)

Sentencing and Criminal Code Revision Commission, DC (DCSC)

Serve DC - The Mayor's Office on Volunteerism

Small and Local Business Development, Department of (DSLBD)

State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)

State Superintendent of Education - Department of Transportation (OSSE/DOT)

Department of For-Hire Vehicles, DC (DFHV)

Tenant Advocate, Office of the (OTA)

Transportation, Department of (DDOT)

Unified Communications, Office of (OUC)

University of the District of Columbia (UDC)

Veteran's Affairs, Office of (OVA)

Victim Services and Justice Grants, Office of (OVSJG)

Youth and Rehabilitation Services, Department of (DYRS)

Zoning, Office of (OZ)

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